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Not all polymers produced by PolySciTech division are that unusual. Here some of the more common polymers are discussed. However, just because these polymers are more common they still have interesting and useful properties..


Normal Polymers


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Polycaprolactone is a polyester made by ring-opening polymerization of the cyclic monomer (not dimer as is the case with glycolide and lactide). There is a 5 carbon alkyl chain separating the ester from the alcohol of each unit and this extended alkane chain yields a semicrystalline structure to PCL which gives it highly desirable flexibility and strength in terms of mechanical properties. PCL is one of the slowest degrading medical polyesters available.

Poly(Caprolactone) polymers on

There are a wide variety of copolymers also available which incorporate Poly(caprolactone) as shown on the next page.